What is Empire Live?

Empire Live is a Real-Time Strategy Game focused on online matches where you will have to prosper your empire and fight your opponent with your magical power and your army to lead your people to the total domination!

Build an Empire and make it grow day and night!

On Empire Live, you will have to build houses and buildings needed in the evolution of your empire. They will help you recruit new peasants that will help you gather ressources.

Be Careful ! Nights in Empire Live are dangerous, damages will be amplified and the field of view will decrease.

Control your army...And your hero!

With the combination ofthird person and RTS type view, you will be able to easily go through the map with your hero with your army by your side.

Your hero will be able to gather ressources, hunt, build and will gain experiences, this will help you unlock new skills!

Go through the map and find Bosses to defeat with your army, they will grant you with helpful bonuses. If boss isn’t enough to stop you, maybe you’re ready to fight your opponent!

You are close to the victory..!

In the final battle, the goal is to destroy the command center of your opponent for him to not be able to reappear. But be careful, you’ll still have to kill him to win.


You just win. You’ll be able to progress in ranked and build or personnalize your own tavern to obtain some bonus on Classic games.


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The Team

Behind Empire Live is Osmose Studio, an indie company founded by three associates.


Project Leader/Developer

PINA Vincent

Game Designer/Compositor


Community Manager

Stay tuned about Empire Live!

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